Introduction to The Craft by Max Timm: Crafting a Unique Story That Works
Saturday, February 11, 2017 | 9am – 4:30pm | Fort Worth Community Arts Center

Max Timm of the International Screenwriters’ Association (ISA), award-winning author, and veteran writing coach, will break down the steps to building and developing the first draft of a script in order for it to read more like a 2nd or 3rd draft.

max-timm-headshotUniqueness is the only true currency in the entertainment industry. The Hollywood business is a machine, but it’s a machine that relies on highly creative, innovative, and unique ideas to power it. The industry is desperate for unique ideas and raw talent, but there is also a need for efficient writers who know how to draft a story that entertains, creates a visceral experience, and produces a profit. Screenwriters need to know how to quickly get to the heart of a concept so that producers know how to sell that concept. The faster a writer can understand the unique quality of his or her story, the sooner that writer will be able to write a draft that gets the attention of the industry.


In this six-hour class, writers will go far beyond the basics of story and structure. Though such basics will be discussed, as the basics need to be understood so that they can be further explored and expressed in a unique and entertaining way. So buckle up. The writers in attendance will get a crash course in The Craft Course! 12 weeks of material will be covered in a six-hour time frame, so get your pen, paper, and brains ready.



Breakdown of the day

First Half:

–Voice, Loglines, and Establishing Your Project

  • Voice, and Voice Pressure Points
  • How do these pressure points affect how you tell a story?
  • A Hook vs. a Logline. What is a concept? A hook? How are they similar and different?
  • Logline vs. the Recurring Moment

–Discuss the Four Primary Development Points

  • Concept
  • Structure
  • Character Development
  • Page Work

15-minute break

–The Story Bullets – logline as your loaded gun

  • Hero and emotional flaw (Main Character with a goal
  • Secondary Helper (supporting the hero’s arc)
  • The Rival/Villain/Threat (with a specific goal)
  • The 2nd Act Series of Obstacles (character meets world = situations and uniqueness)


Second Half:

–Structural Writing –series of scenes that carry the promise of the premise.

  • Promise of the Premise in conjunction with the recurring moment
  • Review all 12 sequences within a 3-Act structure for features, and within a 12-episode structure for a TV series

–Quick review of characters, their roles, responsibilities –Moment Listing – the writing begins *Specific approach to outlining –What makes for great dialogue and why? –Wrap-Up/Review/Questions

–Moment Listing – the writing begins

  • Specific approach to outlining

–What makes for great dialogue and why?


DATE: Saturday, February 11, 2017

TIME: 9am – 4:30pm

LOCATION: Fort Worth Community Arts Center, 1300 Gendy Street, Fort Worth, TX 76107 [map]

PRICE: $75 per person / $50 for ISA members

REGISTER: Eventbrite